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Searchable Online Database

Each data release has a database context allowing the user to construct sql queries and download parameters and/or FITS files. Available parameters are listed in the glossaries. Parameter names may be slightly modified from the original data tables and papers.

Database Links by Data Release

Sample Queries

  • RESOLVE or ECO: galaxies in a range of RA and Dec
    select name, RAdeg, DEdeg, cz, logMstar where RAdeg > 0.0 and RAdeg < 45.0 and DEdeg > 0.0 and DEdeg < 1.25
  • RESOLVE: a particular galaxy
    select RAdeg, DEdeg, cz, modelu_r, logMstar, b_a where name = 'rs0461'
  • RESOLVE: massive blue galaxies
    select RAdeg, DEdeg, modelu_r, logMstar where logMstar > 10.0 and modelu_r < 1.5
  • RESOLVE: galaxies in RESOLVE-A volume above luminosity completeness limit (PGF calibration sample from Eckert et al. 2015)
    select modelu_r, logMstar where FL_insample and RAdeg > 131.25 and RAdeg < 236.25 and Grpcz > 4500. and Grpcz < 7000.
  • ECO: early type galaxies
    select name, logMstar, modelu_rcorr, MorphEL where MorphEL= "E"
  • ECO: satellites in massive halos
    select name, MorphEL, logMstar, modelu_rcorr, R50 where FC = 0 and logMh > 13.0
  • ECO: subsample overlapping public ALFALFA data (ECO+A sample in Moffett et al. 2015)
    select name, logMstar, modelu_j, FC, logMh, Den1Mpc where FA = 1