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Science Team

(a) advisory member
(c) core member of RESOLVE and/or ECO
Sheila Kannappan (c) (Policy Board) PI; co-PI of ECO (Environmental COntext catalog) UNC
Monique Aller quasar absorption line gas detection Georgia Southern University
Andrew Baker SALT data; blue E/S0s; LADUMA calibration Rutgers
Jillian Bellovary dwarf galaxy AGN; hydro simulations AMNH (postdoc)
Andreas Berlind (c) (Policy Board) group finding, ECO, environment metrics Vanderbilt
Ashley Bittner AGN in blue E/S0 galaxies UNC (post-baccalaureate; soon NC State)
Charlie Bonfield hierarchical Bayesian modeling UNC (graduate student)
Victor Calderon halo abundance matching Vanderbilt (graduate student)
Jessi Cisewski cosmic variance Yale
Steve Crawford Fabry-Perot pipeline; outflows/starbursts/AGN SAAO
Ian Dell'Antonio low surface brightness image analysis Brown
Kathleen Eckert (c) mass/vel. functs, instrumentation, nascent groups, VLA U Penn (postdoc)
Adrienne Erickcek subhalo abundance matching UNC Chapel Hill
Jonathan Florez void-finding and galaxies in voids UT Austin (graduate student)
Riccardo Giovanelli (a) ALFALFA Survey Cornell
Roberto Gonzalez filament finding Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile (postdoc)
Martha Haynes (a) ALFALFA Survey Cornell
Callie Hood image analysis: compact cores and tidal streams UNC (post-baccalaureate; soon UC Santa Cruz)
Erik Hoversten (c) gas/stellar metallicities, AGN, LS pipeline private sector
Sadegh Khochfar theoretical modeling Edinburgh
Virginia Kilborn gas in S0 galaxies as f(envt), ALMA/VLA follow-up Swinburne
Varsha Kulkarni quasar absorption line gas detection South Carolina
Claudia Lagos semi-analytic modeling of gas inventory Univ. of Western Australia
Adam Leroy dust and gas inventory Ohio State
Claudia Maraston (a) stellar population models University of Portsmouth
Amanda Moffett (c) environment metrics, E/S0 disk (re)growth, ECO co-PI Vanderbilt (postdoc)
Dara Norman (Policy Board) AGN; Gemini program NOAO
Mark Norris (c) cE and E/S0 dynamics, stellar populations Univ. of Central Lancashire
Michael Palumbo blue nuggets at z=0 UNC (undergraduate)
Jennifer Piscionere gas in S0 galaxies as f(envt) Swinburne (postdoc)
D.J. Pisano (a) GBT HI inventory West Virginia University
Chris Richardson Cloudy modeling for SPS and AGN studies Elon
Aaron Romanowsky (a) spectroscopy of cE galaxies San Jose State University
Jerry Sellwood (a) velocity field modeling Rutgers
Paolo Serra SoFiA modeling of LSB radio emission ATNF
Manodeep Sinha flybys Swinburne (postdoc)
Britton Smith numerical hydro sims; metallicity analysis Edinburgh (postdoc)
Elaine Snyder (c) cE galaxy origins/inventory Space Telescope Science Institute (RIA)
David Stark (c) HI census, envt metrics, dust, H2, nascent groups, ALMA Kavli IPMU (postdoc)
Petri Vaisanen Fabry-Perot data; metallicity/outflows SAAO
Linda Watson GBT HI census; ALMA follow-up Harvard-Smithsonian CfA (postdoc)

Additional Participants

Alumni Ashley Baker (BS, now Penn), Ryan Beauchemin (BS, now private sector), Aida Behmard (NOAO REU), Charlie Bonfield (UNC Chapel Hill), Samantha Dallas (Brown), Alex Davis (CAP REU, now Samford), Kirsten Hall (BS, now Johns Hopkins), David Hendel (BS, now Columbia), Iraklis Konstantopoulos (private sector), Katrina Litke (CAP REU, now Arizona), Millicent Maier (private sector), Sarah Miller (private sector), Liz Naluminsa (MSc, now Univ. of Cape Town), Christine Ray (CAP REU, now Univ. of Texas San Antonio), Angelica Rivera (CAP REU, now Vassar), Danny Rosenberg (BS, now App State), Kate Storey-Fisher (CAP REU, now Brown), Andrew Trinker (undergraduate research, Rutgers), Asher Wasserman (undergraduate research, now UC Santa Cruz)
Additional Instrumentation Ashley Baker (now Penn), Brad Barlow (High Point), Ryan Beauchemin (UNC), Gerald Cecil (UNC), Chris Clemens (UNC), David Guynn (UNC), Kirsten Hall (now Johns Hopkins), David Hendel (now Columbia), Doug Mar (Liquidia Technologies), Amanda Moffett (now Univ. of Western Australia), Danny Rosenberg (now App State)
Additional Observing Chip Kobulnicky (WIRO), Lisa Wei (GBT), and several current/former UNC students: Ashley Baker, Ryan Beauchemin, David Bradley, Joe Burchett, Jessi Cisewski, Grace Crowson, Yang Cui, Amy Gonzalez, David Guynn, Kirsten Hall, David Hendel, Xuan Liu, JoEllen McBride, Danny Rosenberg
Outreach Keith Starr (KIPP Pride High, Gaston NC), Kathleen Eckert (UNC), Joe Burchett (now UMass), Teach For America - Eastern NC, Alice Churukian (UNC), Kirsten Hall (now Johns Hopkins)
Website Stephen Joyce, Joe Burchett, Jon Bersuder

SOAR Acknowledgements

The RESOLVE Survey is made possible by the Goodman Spectrograph and the SOAR Telescope. We thank Len Goodman and the rest of the Goodman family for their generous contributions to astronomy at UNC. We also thank SOAR Director Steve Heathcote and all the staff and observers at SOAR for their direct and indirect contributions to RESOLVE, with special thanks to Sergio Franco for the photo of SOAR used on this website (credit: Franco and NOAO/AURA/NSF).